The speech of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, at the Academy for the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the “Atlantiku” battalion

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The “Atlantiku” battalion is the most representative synthesis of the cyclical circle or the four phases of Albanian-American relations with the homeland and the United States of America.
Your ancestors, and you as well, went to the United States of America. To the great homeland of freedom and democracy.

The Albanians of America have played an extraordinary and historic role in affirming the Kosovo issue.

During the most difficult moments for Kosovo, your reaction was completely natural because you knew the deep meaning of FREEDOM.
 The “Atlantiku” battalion is the clearest indicator of the political and military history of Albanians, so you responded the best to the call “the Homeland at Risk, the Birthplace Calls”.
You, from the ultimate welfare, came to war. You are the BATTLE and the FRONT of the liberation war.

In the framework of the “Atlantiku” battalion you directly fought the invading Serbian military forces. You completed your mission for the homeland with your heads held high.
You came as volunteers, became extraordinary fighters, but above all, became the victors of the war for the liberation of Kosovo.
By defeating the Serbian forces, along with NATO’s assistance, you accomplished the highest national, patriotic and political mission.
You made the dream of all generations a reality. You entered into Kosovo with the air of freedom.
And, at the end of the fourth phase, after giving meaning to freedom, through war and sacrifice you returned to the United States of America, to your families, to your profession, work and business.

Like warriors you put on the uniforms and took the weapons in your hand in the war for freedom. After the victory, you took off your uniform and returned to life
This is what people do when having a philosophical dimension of freedom.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Kosovo is entering the 20th Anniversary of liberation. The more time passes, the value of the liberation war will increase even more

Your children and the children of your children will be proud of you, because you didn’t allow Kosovo’s servitude to continue endlessly.
2019 has been declared the year of NATO in Kosovo. We are eternally grateful to the United States of America, NATO and the EU states for what they did for the freedom, independence and establishment of Kosovo.
We are eternally grateful and will bow down with respect before the brothers Bytyçi, the heroes of the “Atlantiku” battalion, the heroes of Kosovo.
We wish you a peaceful life and endless happiness with your families
You have been and will remain the pride of the nation!