President Jahjaga’s speech held on the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Atifete Jahjaga participated today at the manifestation organised on behalf of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Also present at this manifestation were the European Parliament Raporteur on Kosovo Ms. Ulrike Lunacek, US Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues Ms. Melanne Verveer, US Ambassador to the Republic of Kosovo Ms. Tracey Ann Jacobson and many other notable personalities.

On this occasion, President Jahjaga said:

Honourable participants,

Today we are witnessing our care and solidarity, not just as individuals but also as a society, in support of all those who are touched by this illness.

Through various activities, not just during the month of October, but each day of the year, all of us, transfer our message to those touched by the breast cancer-that they are not fighting this battle alone. They have the backing and support of all the society and of all our institutions.

During this symbolic walk, we relay the message to all the citizens of Kosovo to be aware of the danger that breast cancer carries and of the necessity that this illness is diagnosed as early as possible. The treatment depends largely on the stage it is discovered and in continuation of preventative check-ups.

Here I express my determination to, as the President of the country, to do all that is necessary to increase the prevention and win the battle against this illness.

Breast canmcer is treatable if discovered early enough.

With us here today are women from almost every country in the world, who, while honouring us with their presence, join their woices with us to raise the awareness of our society. The breast cancer is an illness that can affect anyone.

Mrs Nafije Latifi and all you dear friends, I will always support you in your activites in order to obtain visible results in the successful fight against this illness.

Thank You!