President Jahjaga’s speech at the sixth meeting of the National Council on European Integration

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, chaired today the proceedings of the sixth meeting of the National Council on European Integration, attended by representatives of the local and international institutions, ambassadors accredited to our country and representatives of the civil society.

Following is the speech of President Jahjaga delivered at the beginning of the meeting:

I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the concluding meeting of the National Council on European Integrations for this year, in order to discuss the obligations stemming form the Stabilisation-Association Agreement and advances on certain priorities, with particular emphasis on the reforms of the judicial and prosecutorial systems.

Reforms on these sectors result as immediate needs already began for the Stabilisation Association Agreement, which is the most concrete step of the new relationship with European Union, which we foresee to conclude by the spring of next year.

A functional and independent system of justice is the foundation of any democratic society. The rule of law and order in the whole territory of the country and successful fighting of all negative phenomena in the society, will secure a place among the rest of the countries of EU.

During the last years, our country has undertaken a reform of the judicial system, by approving of the ground legislation and thorugh undertaking of a restructuring process of the justice system.

Now we must concentrate in efficient implementation of the legislation, in order for the citizens of Kosovo to see benefits from the justice system.

Reform and implementation of basic laws intends to improve and strengthen the independence, impartiality and accountability of the justice system, process which must end successfuly. Because, the reforms commenced in the country are not being done for the sake of our EU membership, but for the wellbeing of our citizens and for the establishment of democratic standards.

Endeavours for consolidation of rule of law have been transformed to priorities of our engagements in building of a democratic state of highest states.

Reforms of the justice system help consolidation of the rule of law, long term stability of the country, and of our economic development.

For this reason, successful conclusion of this process helps general advancement of our country and of our society.

Honourable members of the Council,

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the members for the contribution provided to the proceedings of the National Council on European Integration during the last two years. In particular to the Ministry of European Integration lead by Minister Çitaku.

I welcome your contribution through discussions and proposals, in order to obtain a clear picture on how to move ahead.

Since the commencement of the working of the Council, two years ago, we have laid the foundations for a strong general consensus in our society for the reforms and long term European vision of our country.

We have already approved the National Strategy on European integration; process conducted through a wide consultation and with large consensus of the institutions, political parties and the civil society, and will serve as a guide on our integrational journey.

This joint work of ours has been praised by EU, and our integration process begins with the ending of the reforms in our society and establishment of rule of law.

A more intensive work awaits us in 2014 in order to expedite the European agenda and to fulfil the obligations stemming from the agenda, and I am optimistic that the Council will continue to remain the right forum to provide help to each institution of the Republic of Kosovo to reach its aims, for which our consensus must remain unshakable.