President Jahjaga’s speech at the ceremony held for the initiation of the “Buçinca Couple” foundation for education of girls

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, participated today at the ceremony held for the initiation of the “Buçinca Couple” foundation for education of girls. At this ceremony, President Jahjaga presented Mrs. Naxhie and Mr. Fahri Buçinca the Presidential Medal of Merit for their contribution in the field of education and emancipation of women.

At this ceremony President Jahjaga said:

Honourable participants,
Honourable Mrs. Naxhie and Mr. Fahri,

Endeavours of the Kosovar society to achieve gender equality have achieved undeniable success in the last decade.

Kosovar woman, who experienced the sufferings of war and dramatic situations with major lacking in life, has been the essential part of all the processes which Kosovo has gone through, starting from the resistance period and all the way through far for liberation, including the transitional period, the post war moral uplifting and protection of the family and its values, but above all, being an essential part of the building of a democratic state which offers equal opportunities to each citizen.

With the presence of women in these developments, which required a lot of sacrifice, Kosovo has become a better place and a place that breathes more freely.

Women in Kosovo have become a symbol of peace, a pushing force for change and development in our society and a successful entrepreneur in various fields.

Many visionaries contributed to this empowerment, both within and outside of institutions, by increasing the presence of women in public life, but before all, by creation of conditions in order for women to have equal opportunities in our society.

In this context, tonight, I want to express our recognition for tireless work and engagements of the wedded couple Naxhie and Fahri Buçinca, who helped hundreds of girls continue and complete their schooling education, hence giving a valuable contribution to the emancipation of women- a fundamental factor for the advancement of the whole society.
As a state built upon civic principles, institutions of the Republic of Kosovo have attributed huge importance to the embetterment of the position of women and particularly their representation in the decision making sphere.

Kosovar society cannot move forwards and cannot become a free and democratic society unless gender equality has been achieved in every dimension of life.

Honourable participants,

As a society, we must know that our dedication to make women an equal and part of the decision making process, can only be achieved through creation of balanced policies which guarantee the security and wellbeing of each citizen.

The burden and responsibility to triumph against discriminative practices of the times gone by falls on each and every one of us, regardless, both within our families and in public life.

We must create optimal environments, while fighting the discriminating mentalities and empowering women until they become fully equal within the society.

‘Buçinca Couple” Foundation for the education of girls is a concrete contribution towards education and capacity building of women towards achievement of this all encompasing goal.

I am convinced that a country can advance only if woman is educated, employed and economically independent.

To you, Mr. And Mrs. Buçinca, I would like to express my congratulations on the successes you have achieved, for your will and your dedication, for the readiness and willingness to establish the Foundation for education of girls, continuing in a symbolic manner the tradition set by the patriot Hasan Prishtina.

Mrs. Naxhie, Mr. Fahri, for your contribution to the field of education and emancipation of women, I award you the Presidential Merit Medal.
I wish you a long life, good health, lots of success and joy with your family and friends.