Turkey to grant the status of a preferred trading partner to Kosovo

Republic of Kosovo’s President Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu has asked from the Republic of Turkey to grant the status of a preferred trading partner to Kosovo.

President Sejdiu made this request during his meeting with Republic of Turkey’s Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. Zafer Çağlayan.

President Sejdiu asked from Minister Çağlayan to forward this request to Turkish authorities.

During the meeting, President Sejdiu thanked the Turkish state for its overall engagement and commitment to assist the Republic of Kosovo.

“We want to maintain the current trend of good relations and communication in every field” – President Sejdiu affirmed, thanking Minister Çağlayan for his approach, which he said is conducive to Kosovo’s economic growth, business development, trade exchanges and other forms of cooperation.

In terms of relations between the two states, President Sejdiu recalled the contribution of Turkish community in Kosovo and many Kosovans living in Turkey who he maintained constitute a bridge of cooperation between the two countries.

Having mentioned the close cooperation between Kosovo and Turkey so far, Minister Çağlayan said this cooperation will be strengthened in the future, in all the fields. He also said that Turkey has retained a clear position on Kosovo’s independence, by announcing its recognition very quickly, and has also provided its contribution to Kosovo by the presence of Turkish troops within the international forces in Kosovo and in other forms as well.

Further to mutual investments made by Turkish and Kosovan businesses, Minister Çağlayan said that Turkish and Kosovan businessmen can also embark on joint ventures in third countries.

Minister Çağlayan also affirmed Turkey’s willingness to sign a free trade agreement with the Republic of Kosovo, in order to bring the cooperation between the two countries up to a higher level.