The state prosecutors took the oath in front of President Thaçi

Prishtina, December 01 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, pursuant to the constitutional and legal competencies, in accordance with the proposal of the Prosecutorial Council, by decree has appointed today 25 new state prosecutors, at the Basic Prosecutions of Kosovo, with an initial term of three years.

President Thaçi, after the oath ceremony, congratulated all the new prosecutors, offering them support at their daily work.

At the same time, he has requested a determination and an uncompromising fight against organized crime, corruption and to be active in the fight against terrorism.

“The consolidation of the rule of law is one of the main priorities of our state. This struggle will strengthen the country from within, will increase the safety, restore the confidence of the citizens in the judicial system. Your success will strengthen the European perspective of Kosovo. You will have my full support”, said the President.

Thaçi has demanded from the prosecutors to be uncompromising, determined, impartial in their work, contributing to the advancement of the judicial system in Kosovo.

He stressed that the reforms in justice remain a priority of the institutions of Kosovo, informing them about the dynamics of the amendments that are being made to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code.

On the other hand, the Chief Prosecutor of State, Aleksandër Lumezi, thanked President Thaçi for the rapid appointment of the new prosecutors and for the support he is offering to the justice system in Kosovo.

Chief Prosecutor Lumezi has requested from the new prosecutors maximum engagement, especially in the next three years phase, which will be a trial period for them.

In the text of the oath it is said “I solemnly swear that in performing the duties as Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo, I shall remain faithful to the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and will perform the function of prosecutor with honor, responsibility and fairness, respecting the rules of professional ethics”.