The President visits the fruit plantations and the “Frutomania” fruit juice factory

Gjilan, july 13th 2018 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, visited today the village of Kravaricë in Gjilan municipality, where he also visited the orchards and the “Frutomania” fruit juice factory.

President Thaçi said that he feels great about this agricultural success which he observed in Kravarice and for the wonderful job done by the workers and by Malazogu family.
“I am very pleased to be here today at Malazogu family, owners of “Moea” company and “frutomania “brand, company which is the strongest producers in the region and the best example of local produce, which exports in seven or eight countries”, said President Thaçi.
 The head of state highly praised the determination and courage of this family to decide to invest.
“They have invested around 400 hectares of fruit trees, which I believe is a record not only in the Gjilan region or Kosovo, but also for the region. Also, what is also very important, is that they cooperate with many other farmers, around 400 fruit producers of this area and beyond are connected to this address. For this reason, this is a success story, a story which the state must stand by, to create better conditions, better infrastructure, both as local and central institutions”, said the President.
Director of “MOEA” company, Armend Malazogu, said that agriculture is not an easy job, and that it is very challenging as well.
“Such visits, from representatives of the institutions, especially from the highest state institution, give us a greater will and enthusiasm to carry on”, said Malazogu.
President Thaçi emphasized the fact that the results are always the best message for Kosovo and for a good doing business climate and for attractiveness of our state, a young state with great investment opportunities.