The President: The future government with Euro-Atlantic principles, the constitutive session to be scheduled soon

Prishtina, 24 July 2017 - The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, today held a consultative meeting with the representatives of the parliamentary parties for setting the date for holding the First Session of the Sixth Legislature of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

President Thaçi said that the Constitution of Kosovo and the laws in force clearly define the steps and deadlines within which the new Kosovo Assembly should be constituted, the President and Presidency of the Assembly should be elected and then continue with the establishment of the Government.

“We are within the deadlines defined by the Constitution. But we need to move forward and start preparing for the first session of the Kosovo Assembly. That is why I have invited you today as the symbol of national unity, at this time when we need to think and debate constructively about Kosovo. Now is the time for cooperation, for dialogue, for building the trust between us all. That is the reason why I have called this meeting”, said President Thaçi.

President Thaci said that political parties have once again proved political maturity, holding free, fair and democratic elections.

“What was the most impressive in these elections was the spirit, careful, cooperative, and comprehensive language. I wish this spirit to extend at this time as well, but also after the establishment of the institutions”, stated President Thaçi.

He said that the vast majority of the political class in Kosovo has consistently proved that knows to put Kosovo's interest before personal, group and party interests and that this should remain the basic principle of political actions of all parties.

“I invite you as the political parties to co-ordinate with your MPs and be available for holding the first session of the Assembly of Kosovo in which will be verified the mandates of the MPs and will elect the President and the Presidency of the Assembly to open the way then to establish the new Government of the Republic of Kosovo. This government will be a government of Euro-Atlantic orientation that will be engaged to work and realize the aspirations of Kosovo's citizens for the faster membership in NATO and the EU”, he said.

In this consultative meeting, President Thaçi has also emphasized the ruling principles upon which the new government will be established, which must be clearly with Euro-Atlantic principles.

He has said that the promotion and protection of the spirit and the constitutional order must be the foundation of the future government.

President Thaçi said also that, as the basic principles on which the next government should be built, are the rule of law and order, the fight against organized crime and corruption, the Association and demarcation, visa liberalization, dialogue with Serbia and building of good neighbourly relations with all neighbours, respecting international agreements, transformation of KSF into the Armed Forces of Kosovo and determination to fight any extremism and radicalism.

At the end, President Thaçi has said he will soon set the date for holding the First Session of the Sixth Legislature of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.