The President requested from the law enforcement officials to prevent the violation of order and security

Prishtina, October 06 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, received today in a meeting the heads of the main institutions of the rule of law and order, with whom he talked about the necessary institutional steps in the fight against terrorism, radicalism and extremism.

President Thaçi requested from the heads of these institutions that in accordance with the laws and the competencies, to undertake immediate and continuous steps to guarantee the security of the citizens of Kosovo in every circumstance.

He said that Kosovo was not only a country of origin of extremists and fundamentalists, but also the target of planned terrorist attacks, and thanks to the successful work of the law and order bodies, these attacks have been prevented.

The President has requested to continue with the maximum commitment and dedication in this regard, to prevent any violation of the order and security of the citizens of Kosovo.