The Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi Dr. Jakup Krasniqi holds a press conference

The Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi held a press conference today speaking of conduct of general elections held on 12 December in Kosovo.

“These elections were mostly characterised by a good and fast organisation by the Central Election Commission, by a mature pre-electoral campaign and by a high level of democracy displayed by the political entities, the electorate and the participating citizens” Mr. Krasniqi said in the beginning.
The turnout was quite sizable and the voting took place in a peaceful and cultured environment, which proves the degree to which our democracy has been consolidated and which conveys a positive message for a new, free, independent, sovereign and democratic Kosovo” – he said, adding that participation of Kosovo Serbs gave a meaning to the democracy in Kosovo.
“On this occasion, I want to congratulate the Central Election Commission, the political parties and the people for the great achievement that they have bequeathed to democracy in Kosovo. I also appreciate the good job done by local commissioners and independent observers, including internationals involved in monitoring elections. I also want to express my appreciation for the engagement of all the media in ensuring a proper conduct of this important democratic process for Kosovo”, Mr. Krasniqi said.
“The electoral process is ongoing, as votes are being counted, so we have to wait for its ending and for the final election results. I invite political parties and citizens to retain their trust in independent election bodies and to provide them with an uninfluenced leeway to fulfil their constitutional and legal obligations within the scope of our electoral system. Any dissatisfaction or compliant must be addressed to the respective bodies of the system”, he added.
Further on, the Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi said: “I ask the CEC to show professionalism and complete transparency and impartiality, to do their work by law, to identify potential irregularities and to deal with any grounded allegation pursuant to respective procedures to be followed by respective bodies”.
“The entire electoral process in Kosovo must end as well as it started, because this is in the general interest of the state of Kosovo” Mr. Krasniqi emphasised.
On the other hand, answering multiple questions posed by journalists, the Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi said: “we encourage all political parties and entities registered with the CEC to forward their remarks and arguments thereto to the respective bodies, who will respond to them according to the legislation in force”.
Concerning the time by when new institutions would be established, he said: “We must wait for the final election results in order to envisage the establishment of institutions”.
Asked about different complaints concerning these elections, Mr. Krasniqi said: “The CRC and the ECAP are responsible of verifying the way in which the voting has taken place, not only in Skenderaj or some other municipality, but in all municipalities and polling stations in the Republic of Kosovo”.
“I don’t want to prejudge the electoral process. This is not my calling. My calling is to support all independent institutions in charge of identifying elections irregularities and to help them carry out their duties by law. This is my request. This is the request that I made today and this is the request that I will keep on making”, Mr. Krasniqi said.
“Any intervention in the electoral process undermines individual freedom and I have and will oppose any infringement upon the human right to free and uninhibited voting”, the Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi said in conclusion to press conference.