Statement of the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi on the local elections of October 22

Honorable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

The local elections for Mayors and the members of the Municipal Assemblies are organized on Sunday in the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

Your massive participation in these elections is not just a fulfillment of a democratic norm, but also an ideal opportunity to define and design the next four years of local governance.

This opportunity should be used by every citizen, in every municipality, throughout Kosovo. The opportunity to elect being free, in circumstances of peace through a democratic process, monitored by international friends, we have gained with a lot of sacrifices.

With the same commitment we must become part of decision-making, of municipal governance, of the improvement of the welfare and infrastructure of our cities and villages.

You can do this only if, on Sunday, you vote, becoming part of a free, fair and democratic process.

Despite the political convictions, we, as citizens, as a society, through these elections, need to strengthen the civic unity even more. Only united, we will be able to transform our society, cities and villages.

Honorable fellow citizens,

The institutions of Kosovo have made all the preparations for Sunday’s electoral process to be in the same democratic spirit with the electoral processes of the recent years in Kosovo.

I invite all political parties, security and justice institutions, international monitors and the media to support the progress of these elections.

The citizens of Kosovo, neither in these elections, should allow any misuse of the vote, or umbrage to the electoral process, which must be conform to the democratic standards.

I invite all citizens to come out and use their democratic right on Sunday, October 22, to vote for the future of our children.