Statement of President Jahjaga related to the Agreement between the two main Albanian political parties in Macedonia

It is very good news that the two major Albanian political parties in Macedonia have reached an agreement on coordination and cooperation, in relation with the parliamentary elections which will be held on June 5, 2011.

We appreciate the high responsibility of both leaders, Mr. Ali Ahmeti from the Democratic Union for Integration and Mr. Menduh Thaçi from the Democratic Party of Albanians, who for the sake of national, civic and state interests, left aside the party interests and did an act which is not only in the good of the Albanian people in Macedonia, but for all the Macedonian citizens, regardless nationality and religion, in the interest of the state of Macedonia,  its stability and prosperity and for peace and cooperation in the region.

We hope that such agreements, not only between Albanian political parties, but also between other Macedonian political factors, will help in the harmonization of views, always taking into account the interests of the citizens, their dignity and their future on the road of Euro-Atlantic integration, which will be reinforced with the process of free and democratic elections in Macedonia.