Sejdiu: The Organisation of Islamic Conference acknowledged the positive developments and the new reality in our country

Today, on the day of the adoption of Resolution on Kosovo by the Organisation of Islamic Conference, the Republic of Kosovo’s President Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu and Prime Minister Thaçi held a joint press conference.

On behalf of Republic of Kosovo’s institutions, President Sejdiu welcomed the adoption of Resolution on Kosovo by the Organisation of Islamic Conference.

“We express our gratitude to the Organisation of Islamic Conference for the resolution that was adopted yesterday in Damask. I think this reflects a common understanding amongst the Organisation of Islamic Conference member countries to appreciate positive processes that Kosovo has gone through and a direct acknowledgment for the positive developments and the new reality in Kosovo. At the same time, we consider that this implies a support to our political vision, which we consider will boost the initial good trend of recognitions and pave the way to new recognitions of the Republic of Kosovo”, President Sejdiu pointed out.

The President also mentioned concrete examples of some influential OIC member countries that have recognised the independence of Kosovo, including the latest ones, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“We expect further recognitions in processes to follow” – President added, expressing, in the meantime, the readiness of Republic’s institutions to work closely with these countries and to establish diplomatic relations with the most relevant ones in the future.

Expressing his gratitude to all those countries that support the Republic of Kosovo, President Sejdiu reaffirmed that Republic of Kosovo’s institutions remain committed to providing for a democratic Republic of Kosovo that belongs to all its citizens, that pays a special attention to its minority communities and that gives precedence to the continuous fostering of good and neighbourly relations with all the neighbouring countries and other countries in the region, by maintaining a positive approach conducive to good relations with the Republic of Serbia in the future.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Thaçi emphasised that the unanimous adoption of the resolution conveys a message and imparts a strong incentive to all those countries that will recognise the Republic of Kosovo in the near future.

“The resolution reflects the high appreciation for the great progress that was made and positive developments that have taken place in Kosovo following the declaration of independence and constitutes a call on the international community to keep on assisting the development of the state of Kosovo”, Prime Minister Thaçi pointed out.