Sejdiu: President Rugova – a man who made an era

The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, accompanied by the members of his cabinet, paid homage to the grave of the historic President of Kosovo, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova.

“I have come here today to pay homage to the grave of President Rugova, the strongest personality of our political movement of the end of the last century and beginning of the new century, who, as I have said before, has made an era ” – President Sejdiu said in a statement given on the occasion.

“Today it is a special day that marks a major turning point that Kosovo Albanians have made, the date when the Democratic League of Kosovo was established, a party which, back then, had a character of a movement that managed to bring together the entire nation’s political energies and our joint efforts to stage a resistance in our road to freedom, independence and democracy” – President Sejdiu added.

President Rugova’s has earned the main credit for having taken a leadership role within this political formation, which reached dimensions that went beyond Kosovo’s boundaries, because he managed, at the same time, to move on steadily in dealing with all the political issues that the Albanians were facing at the times of the former Federation. The LDK was the first party, the first political movement that managed to deal with the trends and developments that were tagging along the South-East Europe at the times of major upheavals that ensued the fall of communism. In parallel, I may say that the ideas that were given on the day when the LDK was established and in the course of its being led by President Rugova were ideas that grew together and in a full compliance with our ideals for freedom, democracy, human rights and freedoms and with the western ideals of democracy” – President Sejdiu added.

Today it is an important day also because of the fact that the historic President of Kosovo, Dr. Rugova, knew how to hold the compass and to lead the people of his country during hard times. We remain forever appreciative to him for what he has done. On this very date, by building on the legacy of a resistance that was staged before, Kosovo managed, first and foremost, to embark on dynamic trends of development and resistance and to lay the foundations of Kosovo’s statehood.

All the people of Kosovo have done a great deal in building what we came to call an operational parallel Albanian state, which belonged to the people who were staging a resistance against blueprints that aimed at a complete annihilation of the people of Kosovo. The special importance of the movement also lies in the fact that it was embraced by all the people of our country, regardless of their age.

I want to reiterate what the President always used to say: that those times gave birth to the generation of a Republic, to the people who are, in the course of time, assuming country’s leadership, irrespective of political parties to which they belong. This constituted a special value and a moment of reaction that fostered and determined the course of action that we were to follow – the political pluralism. This paved to the way for the creation of new political parties. Though life was being led under enormous pressures, people wanted to bring new projects to the service” – President Fatmir Sejdiu said in conclusion.