Sejdiu: Peace and understanding, the only way to a better world

On the occasion of the 21st of September, the International Day of Peace, The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, issued a statement. Below you may read its contents:

Today, on September 21, the entire world celebrates the International Day of Peace. Strongly hoping that there will be for no wars, conflicts or other forms of violent actions that bring about pain and misery to the people, the Republic of Kosovo joins the large family of other free, sovereign and democratic countries in celebrating this day.

Though we have suffered hardship and severe tragedies for decades, even the risk of our complete annihilation, we, the people of Kosovo, have always strived for neighbourly relations in the region, by holding true to the idea that only peace, understanding and the right of each people to live in freedom and to build its own future can ensure stability in the region.

Even nowadays, peace and understanding is the only voice heard in the Republic of Kosovo, an independent state that has been recognised by 62 other states and has acceded to important international mechanisms. The recognition of our country by the major world countries and anticipations of new recognitions, which I will discuss at the UN Headquarters with many leaders and representatives of states participating in the UN General Assembly, represent the best indication that the modern powers, Republic of Kosovo’s friends, have clearly understood the right course that we are following and now stand by us in our efforts to accomplish our objectives and accede to major international institutions.

Though they have suffered endless ordeals, the people of the Republic of Kosovo are no strangers to dark moments that conflicts, lack of peace and understanding bring into our lives. Therefore, we call on all those who have not come to terms yet with the new reality created in our state to close the chapter of the past and understand and acknowledge this reality. The sooner this happens, the better will it be for them and the entire region, which must recover the stability which has been missing for a long time now.

Likewise, on account of what we have suffered for decades, we call on the cessation of all armed conflicts and hostilities around the world. Peace and understanding, this is the only way to ensure prosperity for all the people, especially for the youth, which, in many countries of the world, is falling pray of conflicts and intolerance. Let us pave the way for them to build a more prosperous world, free of conflicts and sufferings.

Peace and understanding is the only way to a better world. Let us pray for and engage incessantly in creating such a world for the generations to come.