Republic of Kosovo President’s message on the 12th of June, the Freedom Day

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

This year, like in other post-war years, the June 12, the Freedom Day, is marked a special day, as a day of a great celebration, as a day of pride, but of pain and memory of all those who have committed the most sublime act in the long journey towards Republic of Kosovo’s becoming independent: they have given their lives for the freedom and independence of our country.
It was ten years ago this day that Kosovo joined the free countries of the world, following a long period of efforts and suffering and struggles in every field: in education, in culture and in a political and armed resistance that made us keep the sublime memories of the historic President Ibrahim Rugova and the Commander Adem Jashari alive.

Part of these endless and ceaseless efforts was the entire people of Kosovo, who have built the freedom that we enjoy today with a lot of sacrifice, love and unwavering belief.

The first among those who should be paid tribute to and remembered on this day are the freedom fighters – those who have given more than anybody else for the freedom of our country. A large number of them did not wait for the Freedom Day; they did not live so long as to see their dream of their lives come true. The memory of all those who made the glorious sacrifice of falling on the altar of freedom shall live forever.

On the Freedom Day, a special gratitude is well-earned by superiors and soldiers of NATO, the greatest military alliance, who, by entering Kosovo towns and villages ten years ago this day, saved the lives of the people who ran the danger of becoming physically exterminated during the last days of insanity of Serbia’s killing machinery. This is why the KFOR soldiers’ uniform is loved and respected by all the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, regardless of their ethnic background.

On this great day to all the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, we have a reason to be happy and number an array of results that we have achieved thus far. First of all, we should mention the fact that our state has been recognised by 60 countries so far, including the most powerful and influential countries of the world. We should also refer to Republic of Kosovo’s accession to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank as a good sign that Kosovo is becoming slowly, institutionally too, a part of world’s most prestigious institutions, by maintaining its permanent objective to move quickly towards integration into Euro-Atlantic community.

On the Freedom Day, Republic of Kosovo’s institutions and people express their endless appreciation to the United States of America, to the European Union countries and to all other democracies, which, through their continuous support in all the fields, have and are still helping us to build our state, the independent Republic of Kosovo.

Therefore, today, on the Freedom Day, we convey our infinite thanks to all those who have fallen for the freedom of Kosovo, to all those who were an inseparable part of our long and difficult journey aiming to reach the June 12, 1999, and to all our friends who have helped us in our journey to freedom and are still with us in our journey towards state formation and processes of integration.

Happy Great Freedom Day!

God Bless the Republic of Kosovo!