Presidenti Pacolli priti shefin e EULEX-it, z. Xavier Bout de MarnhacPresident Pacolli hosted EULEX chief, Mr. Xavier Bout de Marnhac

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli received today head of EULEX, Mr. Xavier Bout de Marnhac, with whom he held a long and friendly conversation.

Mr. De Marnhac congratulated President Pacolli for his election on his new post and offered him the cooperation of the mission he leads.

President Pacolli also praised the role and work of EULEX and expressed his willingness and that of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo to cooperate with this mission.

At a press conference after the meeting, President Behgjet Pacolli said he would continue the cooperation that has been and will in future be intensified even more. “This was the next visits, a visit Mr. Marnhac made to the Presidency of Kosovo and to the President of Kosovo. We talked about his personal role and the role of EULEX in Kosovo. We concluded that cooperation should be intense. The problems are evident and can be treated only if they are recognized and we agreed with Mr. De Marnhac to cooperate and the collaboration that was earlier will be even more intense in the future, "said Behgjet Pacolli.

Meanwhile, EULEX chief, Mr. Xavier Bout de Marnhac said: "I had the pleasure to pay a visit to President Pacolli today. I came here to assure you that the mission is dedicated to promote the rule of law in Kosovo and that we are closely associated in the field of politics, especially to support the Kosovo institutions in the field of rule of law".