President Thaçi: The vision of the political parties must be inclusiveness

Pristina, December 14 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi participated today at the ceremony organized by the National Democratic Institute (NDI), which has organized a reception with the topic “The Leaders of Tomorrow”.

Speaking of NDI’s contribution in Kosovo, President Thaçi stressed that the the political parties are the foundation of pluralism and democracy, therefore the work done in empowering the political parties should be praised greatly.

According to him, Kosovo’s political scene is constantly enriched, where the political parties have turned into forums in which policies on Kosovo’s future are articulated.

“It is important to constantly nurture this process of debate on the policies which are applied in our state and society. The training of NDI have carried out exactly this task, to foster and intensify this debate”, he added.

He has said that today’s event has an even more important segment which is the inclusion and empowerment of the role of women and the youth in the political parties.

“Political parties in their activities must be inclusive. The policies of the political parties must be inclusive. The vision of the political parties must be inclusive. I have heard good things about the NDI program you have attended”, he said.

The President has emphasized that Kosovo’s future will be secure if the leaders of the future will promote the values of inclusiveness, dialogue and cooperation.