President Thaçi: The Dukagjini Epopee marked a historic turn in the fight for freedom

Gllogjan, March 24, 2019- The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, attended today the state manifestation “the KLA Epopee in Dukagjin”.

President Thaçi said that on this day after the beginning of the strengthening of the resistance of the Kosovo Liberation Army headed by the legendary commander Adem Jashari, and the Jashari family and other co-fighters, occured what was expected to happen also in Gllogjan.

“The thing that was expected to happen occured because the first Kosovo Liberation Army corps had already been strengthened, had expanded and the attacks were uninterrupted against Serbia’s military and police forces," said President Thaçi.

The Head of State said that the Dukagjini Epopee marked a historic turn in the struggle for freedom, liberation and independence.

“The greatness and the biggest value of this date is added when we consider that on March 24, 1999, 20 years ago, the NATO bombings began. And the NATO bombings and this Kosovar-western alliance has not been connected by accident, but precisely thanks to the resistance of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the resistance of every citizen of Kosovo wherever they have been in Kosovo and the diaspora who helped fight for freedom”, stressed President Thaçi.

The Head of State added that today we remember with piety and respect the Dukagjini Epopee, we remember and highly praise the international support which we must preserve with great care in our journey for membership into NATO, the European Union and the special reports with the United States of America.

Highly praising the resistance and heroism of the freedom martyrs, respecting the Constitution and the laws of the country, President Thaçi has decorated with the Order Hero of Kosovo, the martyrs: Agim Ali Selmanaj, Arben Bajram Ahmetaj, Artan Ahmet Mehmetaj, Burim Sadik Mustafaj, Enver Hasan Halilaj , Fatmir Smajl Nimanaj, Hasim Misin Halilaj, Luan Gani Nimanaj, Naim Metë Nimanaj, Orhan Lan Halilaj, Sokol Muzli Sejfijaj, Shpend Zeqë Malaj.