President Thaçi thanked the Democratic government, received support from the Republicans for Kosovo

Prishtina, January 13, 2017 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has concluded his visit to the United States of America, where he met with Vice President Biden and numerous Democratic and Republican senators and congressmen.

During his visit to the White House, the support of the United States has been reconfirmed to President Thaçi by Vice President Biden for the continuous development of Kosovo and full Euro-Atlantic integration.

But, support for the integration and the development of our state, President Thaci has been promised also by the senators and congressmen of the Democratic and Republican Party.

President Thaçi in Washington also met with the Senator and former Republican presidential candidate, Bob Dole, who days ago was appointed Deputy Chief of the transition team of the elected President of the USA, Donald Trump.

In the focus of the conversation of the President Thaçi with Senator Dole were the current developments in Kosovo and the need that the USA to continue to play a leading role in all important processes in Kosovo and in the region.

After the meeting with Senator Dole, President Thaçi was also receipted by the President of the Atlantic Council, Frederick Kempe, with whom he discussed about the aspirations of the citizens of Kosovo to become part of the Euro-Atlantic family.

The Head of State in Washington was also received by Senator Bob Corker, who at the same thime is the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the US Senate.

At this meeting, Senator Corker has reaffirmed to President Thaçi the support of the the USA for the establishment of the Armed Forces of Kosovo and the membership into the NATO Partnership for Peace.

During his stay in the USA, President Thaçi also met the former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who was a big supporter of the freedom and independence of Kosovo.

Also, President Thaçi had a meeting with the former US Deputy Secretary of State and President of “Brookings Institute”, Strobe Talbott.

Further on, President Thaçi also met the member of the House of Representatives, Congressman Eliot Engel, and after him Senator John McCain.

With Senator McCain, the President talked about all the developments in the region and beyond, focusing on the need for the USA to continue its leading role in Kosovo.

An important meeting, President Thaçi had also with Senator Joni Ernst from the state of Iowa, where they talked about the cooperation between Kosovo and the state of Iowa, as well as about the continued support of Senator Ernst as member of the Committee on Armed Services in the American Senate.

The Head of State, in Washington, also met with the Congresswoman from Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee, at the same time a member of the Committee for National Security.

During his stay in the United States of America, President Thaçi also met with other personalities of the political life there, and has ended the official visit with former Republican Senator, JimDeMint who is now President of “Heritage Foundation”, and with Congressman Mike Turner, who at the same time is the Chairman of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.