President Thaçi requests recognition from Madagascar

Prishtina, 16 October – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, received today the Vice President of the Senate of Madagascar, Mr. Amido, with whom he discussed about the possibility of deepening the cooperation between the two countries.

President Thaçi stressed that Kosovo is a factor of stability to the entire region, by promoting dialogue and peace.

President Thaçi informed Vice-President Amido about the consolidation process of our country in the international arena, by highlighting that Kosovo’s recognition and its membership in international organizations remains our priority.

On this occasion, President Thaçi requested recognition from Madagascar, thus joining the majority of UN member states that already recognized Kosovo’s independence.

On his part, the Vice-President of Senate of Madagascar, Amido, stressed the interest of his country to cooperation with Kosovo in all regards.