President Thaçi received the prominent writer Ismail Kadare

Prishtina, April 06, 2017 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, received today the prominent writer Ismail Kadare, who these days is visiting Kosovo.

President Thaçi expressed special consideration for the overall contribution of the writer and intellectual Ismail Kadare, who in his extensive literary creations has sublimed the Albanological spirit and culture, affirming the Albanian literature at international level.

President Thaçi and the prominent writer Ismail Kadare spoke about the orientation and values of the Western civilization as an old natural tendency of Albanians throughout the Balkans.

“In natural foundations we are Europeans”, said among others Kadare, assessing that the Albanian world is walking on the right path.

“The Albanians are currently the favored ones of destiny”, added Kadare.

In this meeting President Thaçi recalled the right stances of Ismail Kadare, who since the nineties insisted for more active resistance.

With his appearances in the French press, Kadare had consistently affirmed and protected the issue of Kosovo.

Likewise, President Thaçi revalued the support and encouragement that Ismail Kadare had given to the delegation of Kosovo at the Rambouillet Conference in 1999.

Wishing him good health, President Thaçi also congratulated Kadare for the prestigious prizes we has received, hoping that one day he will be laureate of the Nobel Prize for Literature.