President Thaçi received the KSF team which won the gold medal in the competition “Cambrian Patrol” of Great Britain

Prishtina, November 04 - The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has received today the 13 members of the KSF who competed at the “Cambrian Patrol” of Great Britain, who were also accompanied by the Commander of the KSF, Rrahman Rama.

President Thaçi said that the success of the members of the KSF in the competition “Cambrian Patrol”, where they received the gold medal, is also the success of the KSF and with such results we are closer to the establishment of the army and membership in the Partnership for Peace and in NATO.
“This success is evidence of the strengthening of the KSF. With this success you have ranked Kosovo alongside the most powerful armies”, said President Thaçi.
“You have made us very proud of your success”, he added.
The team manager, Lieutenant Manushaqe Nura, who had coordinated the preparations of the group said that in the competition “Cambrian Patrol”, besides receiving the gold medal, they have also managed to break the prejudices that the KSF cadets can reap success only individually, thus being proven successful in group as well.

Whereas, the commander of team, sub-lieutenant Ismail Hoxha, who has also been decorated with the sword for best international officer-cadet by Prince Charles himself, said that they have had infrangible will to win this race and they have won.
The success of the KSF team in Great  Britain, according to the KSF Commander, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama, has given way also to new projects aimed at professional training and preparation of KSF cadets.