President Thaçi participated at the marking of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the “Ali Hadri” Institute of History

Prishtina, May 15, 2017 - The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, participated today at the marking of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the “Ali Hadri” Institute of History.

President Thaçi said that one of the most important scientific institutions of Kosovo is undoubtedly the Institute of History, and that it deserves to be praised for the contribution it has given.

“Fifty years of activity of the Institute of History deserves to be considered as a contribution to the brightness of events through which Kosovo has passed and the history of the Albanian people for freedom and national, political and cultural emancipation”, said President Thaçi.

Highly praising the contribution of this Institute at different periods of the country, the Head of State, said that the journey and destiny of the Kosovo Institute of History was the journey of Kosovo itself through all the periods it has passed since the establishment of the Institute with the challenges, confrontations, difficulties, risks, pursuits, imprisonments, differentiations until the ultimate triumph of the truth for Kosovo

Among the efforts to tell the truth and the ideological constraints, the Institute of History triumphed.

Highly praising the figure of the historian, whose name the Institute of History bears, President Thaçi, said “Ali Hadri felt the weight of the differentiation and the anathema from communist politics, not only Yugoslavian.

He further said that the reformation of the scientific and cultural institutions is first of all a reformation of the thought, of methodological and interdisciplinary approaches.

“Kosovo is already a democratic country, and all the ideological barriers and obligations of writing the history according to the order have ended once and for all”, said President Thaçi

President Thaçi said that it is the opportunity to rewrite history on the basis of objectivity and scientific accuracy.

“I say this because it is still thought that even more can be done to resolve the full truth of Kosovo’s contribution to the role of Albania’s independence, the role of Kosovo in the period between the two world wars, but first and foremost, now I also speak a bit as a historian, not in high scientific ranks”, added Thaçi.

He has called not to deform the past. “As a student of most of you, that first of all not to allow any deformations to occur as happened in the past, when a scholar finished his Master studies with the theme “Counterrevolution in Drenica”, whereas his PhD with the theme “The Liberation War in Drenica” about the same period , about the same personalities”, stressed President Thaçi.

All the prerequisites exist for others not to create models of the coverage of our history.

“I also want to emphasize and I think that the stance of some foreign historians which are utterly political agendas, of the various chapters, which a priori prepare the young scholars who advise them not to rely one hundred per cent on the sources of Albanian historiography must be overcome. They open different ideas, different theses, totally misinforming from Skanderbeg to the present day of the history of the Albanian nation”, said President Thaçi

Promising them the support of the state institutions of Kosovo for the truth and the history of our nation, President Thaçi said that the uninfluenced political, ideological or regional truth deserves to be told.

“It is a rich, glorious history, a history that deserves to tell truth and only the truth, without ideologies, without political influences, without regional influences, about history in general, but also about the personalities who have led the liberation of Kosovo, the making of an independent Kosovo, the making of Albania and the making of the Albanian nation”, he added.