President Thaçi met with the President of the Assembly, Veseli and Prime Minister Mustafa, they get coordinated on the implementation of the international obligations

Prishtina, February 07, 2017 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, held a joint meeting with the President of the Assembly, Kadri Veseli, and Prime Minister, Isa Mustafa.

At this meeting they discussed about the continuation of the joint coordination to implement the international obligations which Kosovo has promised to implement.

Within the constitutional and legal responsibilities, they have agreed to proceed with the establishment of the Association of Serb-majority municipalities, to conclude the demarcation with Montenegro and to work on the transformation of the KSF into the Kosovo army.

These steps, besides that they will enable the conclusion of the full integration of the Serbian community in the Kosovo institutions, they will also open the path to visa liberalization for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, but also to the further consolidation of the statehood and sovereignty of the state of Kosovo.