President Thaçi meets with the OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier

Prishtina, March 10, 2017 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, received today the OSCE Secretary General, Ambassador Lamberto Zannier.

President Thaci said that Kosovo is consolidated as a state in the region and is working to expand cooperation with all international organizations.

“We esteem and highly appreciate the commitment of the OSCE mission in Kosovo" said president Thaçi.

On the other hand, the OSCE Secretary General, Ambassador Lamberto Zannier said  the OSCE Mission remains committed to support processes that help strengthen peace and stability, democracy and human rights in Kosovo, and in the Western Balkans region.

At the meeting with the OSCE Secretary General, Mr. Thaçi stressed that Kosovo promotes dialogue and reconciliation, cooperation and development in the region.