President Thaçi in Ranca: We will never forget your sacrifice for the country we have today

Ranca, August 25 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi paid homage today in front of the graves of the 11 members of family Asllani from the village of Ranca, Municipality of Shtime, at the 18th anniversary of their murdering by the Serb forces.

He has said that the victims of all the massacres throughout Kosovo must be honored with the highest institutional respect. “We will never forget your sacrifice for the country we have today. We owe the victims of the war to protect and strengthen the state which we have built with such a big human price”, said President Thaçi.

“We are here today in Ranca to pay homage to the war victims, these people of sacrifice for the freedom of Kosovo, when 18 years ago from the Serbian bombing suffered 11 members of the family Asllani, from the six month old child to the oldest, 70 years old”, has stressed President Thaçi, adding that all the Serb massacres committed in Kosovo have been directed against the civilian population, against innocent people.

According to him, by respecting the values of the resistance, the values of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the families of the martyrs will be respected and honored.

“I thank Isak for his consistency, for his will. So that, the state will always be close to these families, will honor and respect them always in the moral sense, but also in the institutional sense. Now that the Kosovo institutions are getting prepared seriously to place in front of international justice this genocide committed by Serbia throughout Kosovo”, he said.

On the other hand, Isak Asllani, who has lost 11 family members thanked the President for his presence at this 18th anniversary.

“I thank the President, the Mayor and all of you for the participation. Once again, as always, with your presence, it is easier”, said Asllani, who has lost all his children, his wife and mother in this massacre
The Mayor of Shtime, Naim Ismajli, has also stressed that we are constantly trying to show care for all these families that in the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army lost their most loved ones.
“We will strive to support these families continuously for all their needs. We are aware that human losses can not be compensated, but nevertheless it is our obligation that with all our activities, our commitments and our moral and material support to be close to these families”, he has added.