President Thaçi hosted NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Curtis Scaparroti

Prishtina, 21 July – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi today hosted NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Curtis Scaparroti, accompanied by the Commander of KFOR, Major General Giovanni Fungo.

President Thaçi extended his gratitude to the General Scaparroti for NATO’s support in ensuring peace in Kosovo and the region.
The President emphasised that NATO’s role in Kosovo was a determining factor not only in maintaining stability and increasing security, but also in enhancing cooperation between all communities in Kosovo.
“Your role in Kosovo and the region as well, is irreplaceable. We shall remain forever grateful for such a support”, stated the President.
President Thaçi informed him regarding the political and security situation in Kosovo. According to him, Kosovo has successfully concluded the election process, qualified as free, fair and democratic election process.
“We are now in the process of forming Kosovo’s institutions, which shall be multi-ethnic, and with a clear Euro-Atlantic orientation”, stated President Thaçi.
While speaking on the cooperation with countries of the region, President Thaçi commended the membership of Montenegro in NATO, hoping that other countries will follow the same path, thereby contributing to a long-lasting peace in the region.
On his part, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe?, General Curtis Scaparrotti, stated that NATO is committed to staying in Kosovo to ensure peace and stability for the entire region.
The President emphasised that Kosovo is working in concluding the process of transforming KSF into Army of Kosovo. “This will be done in full coordination with you, and with inclusion of all institutions and communities in Kosovo” added the President.

He also stated that Kosovo will continue the dialogue for normalization of relations with Serbia, and work on regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations.