President Thaçi: From now and to eternity, the bones of the four of Kosovo’s sons will rest next to each other

Prishtina, November 24th 2019 – President of the Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi, paid homage and participated at the Memorial Academy held for the heroes Afrim Zhitia, Fahri Fazliu, Bahri Fazliu and Agron Rrahmani, on the occasion of their reburial.

President Thaçi said that today the bones of four of Kosovo’s heroes are being placed on the Pantheon of freedom, with highest state and institutional honours.

“From today and to eternity, the bones of the four sons of Kosovo, who gave their lives for their life’s ideals, for the freedom and independence of Kosovo, for national unification, will be next to one another.  They will also be resting next to the symbol of our nation, the father of independence of Kosovo, Adem Demaci,” said President Thaçi.

He also pointed out that each one of them fell heroically at the peak of their youth, Afrim and Fahri thirty years ago, while Bahri and Agron fell twenty one years ago.

These four heroes, according to the head of state, represent in the best possible bway the last two decades of Kosovo’s recent history.

“Raised with a freedom loving spirit, educated in patriotism, they were the leadership of those who organised protests and demonstrations for the Republic of Kosovo. They gave all their physical, mental and intellectual energy for the national cause,” said President Thaçi.

He also added that each one of them, despite the difficulties, showed determination and stoicism in the path to liberation.

“Afrim Zhitia was one of the youngest Albanian political prisoners, who came out of prison even more determined, more formed and more dedicated to continue the path of liberation of Kosovo. He was one of the leaders who gave the spirit to the national political movement for the Republic of Kosovo, gave it the direction, ”said the President.

The head of state also said that Afrim, together with Fahri, on November 2nd 1989, fell heroically, demonstrating that Kosovo has determined and fearless men who do not surrender, but fight the state of Serbia with guns in their hands.

“Bahri and Agron, tempered in demonstrations, and formed in secret political organisation, and seeing the armed struggle for liberation as necessary, gave new strength and energy to the Kosovo Liberation Army and fell heroically on mission duty, in spring 1998. Bahri in the Albanian lands of Montenegro, Agron in the centre of Prishtina,” added the President.

President Thaçi also added that freedom, independence and the foundations of the state of Kosovo have deep historic rules.

“We who were lucky to live in freedom, are proud to have known and worked together with activists Afrim Zhitia, Fahri Fazliu, Agron Rrahmani, Bahri Fazliu, Hasan Ramadani and others,” said the President, and added that the gunshots fired by Afrim and Fahri, after those of Rexhep Mala and Nuhi Berisha, were the first shots that forewarned on the arrival of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The head of state added that we are proud with Zahir, Hakif, Edmond, we are proud with legendary commander Adem Jashari and with two thousand martyrs of the Kosovo Liberation Army, as it is the blood of these martyrs which confirms the fee, independent and democratic Kosovo.

President Thaçi pointed out that any tendency or endeavour, whichever way it comes from, cannot manage to stain and smear the just war of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

“The best men and women of the nation, boys and girls of Kosovo, fought and sacrificed in its ranks. Today, Kosovo, treats and will continue to treat all the war categories with dignity. The families of martyrs, KLA war invalids, the veterans are our pride” said the President, and added that twenty years after the war Kosovo has made great achievements, but there are still great challnegs ahead on strengthening of its statehood.

“If there is one thing that I am sure of, is the fact that we are on the right path and that we shall achieve our objectives, that of the strengthening of the state and in the future, national unification,” said the President.

At the end, President Thaçi said that by respecting and praising the contribution of not only the heroes who fell in battle but also the sacrifices of their families, as the president  of the country, but also as the co fighter of the heroes of the nation, feel a constitutional and legal obligation, but also a moral, political and national one as well, and to bestow the “Order of Freedom “ to the family of Osman Zhitia, to the Fazliu family and to the Rrahmani family as well.