President Thaçi: Croatian community is part of Kosovo’s multi-ethnic identity

Presidenti of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi visited today the Croatian community in Janjevo, with whom he discussed the problems they are facing.

President Thaçi said that Kosovo is the homeland of all its citizens and that the Croatian community gives an even more significant meaning to our multiethnic state and society.

He said that with the launch of the constitutional amendments in Kosovo, the Croatian community will be part of the Constitution of Kosovo and through a process of positive discrimination it will be also part of the assembly, along with the Montenegrin community.

“The Croatian community in Kosovo and the Albanian community in Croatia are bridges between our two countries, our two societies. The Croatian community in Kosovo belongs not only to history, but it also belong to our common present and future”, President Thaçi said.

“We must do more to improve and make life easier for the people here”, he added.

As president of the country, he said he will be more often near the communities living in Kosovo.

“The diversity of the communities living in Kosovo is a source of strength and a special asset to the further development of our democratic society, which promotes the spirit of peace, tolerance, intercultural and interfaith dialogue.
Therefore I took this visit also to listen and to further address their concerns, but also to encourage them and show them that we very much appreciate their active contribution to the common good in our joint country”, President Thaçi stressed.

President Thaçi’s visit to Janjevo was highly estimated by the Croatian Ambassador in Kosovo, Marija Kapitanovic and parish priest Don Matej Palic.
Around 230 Croats live in Janjevo. Their key concerns are poor infrastructure and public safety, for which President Thaçi said he would address to the relevant institutions.