President Thaçi confirms the institutional support for the LGBTIQ community

Prishtina, October 10 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, participated today in the parade organized by the LGBTIQ community.

President Thaçi expressed the institutional support for the rights of this community and has once again confirmed that all communities in Kosovo are equal.

“Kosovo’s state and society are built on the principles of equality and freedom for all communities. We will not allow anyone in Kosovo to exert fears and threats against any individual or against any group”, he added.

The President has appreciated the commitment of all to protect and promote human rights and freedoms.

Supporting the march, President Thaçi stated that “today the attention should be on the community representatives, the organizers of the march, not on the institutions”.

“The institutions of the state of Kosovo are to support and defend every citizen in the realization of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws of Kosovo”, concluded President Thaçi.