President Thaçi awarded the prize for innovation to Shukri Fetahu, for first local cultivar of wheat

Prishtina, 15 nëntor - The President of the country, Hashim Thaçi, today has awarded the Prize for Innovation, Research and Development, to the Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, Shukri Fetahu, for his scientific innovation in the production of the local cultivar of the wheat “Dardania 1”.

The President has said that food production is a challenge of global level, but we, with scientists like Professor Fetahu, who are always looking for new opportunities to overcome challenges, can confront everything easier.
“Awarding the prize for innovation, research and development to professor Fetahu is a recognition for his long scientific work in the creation of the first local cultivar of wheat, which is very convenient for our climatic conditions, has high production capacity and has numerous nutritional values”, said President Thaçi
Whereas, the Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, Shukri Fetahu, has said that in the awarded prize by the President he sees his willingness for the promotion of the value of innovation and the respecting of scientific achievements.
According to Professor Fetahu, this respect is an institutional culture and care, but also readiness to promote local food production, in order to reduce the import of wheat.
“Today with this act you have honored the students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary of the University of Prishtina, the research team for the yearlong work and sacrifice to accomplish the first innovation within the agricultural sciences in Kosovo”, said Professor Fetahu.
President Thaçi added that our country has many hardworking farmers and when work and knowledge come together, then of course the results in agriculture are higher as well.
“I believe that the local cultivar will fulfill the expectations of the wheat cultivators for higher yields and better quality”, concluded President Thaçi.