President Thaçi awarded the Presidential Medal of Merits to Driton Kuka

Prishtina, March 15, 2017 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, for his special contribution to sports, has decorated Judo Coach Driton Kuka, with the Presidential Medal of Merits.

President Thaçi said that the work of Coach Kuka and the successes of the judoka have strengthened the national image and identity of Kosovo.

“Mr. Kuka has made true the dream of many pupils, many students, many sportspeople. The extraordinary and historical success of Majlinda is also directly related to the work, creativity, skills and abilities of Driton Kuka”, said President Thaçi.

He also mentioned the two exciting moments he had with Kuka and Majlinda at the Olympic Games in London and Rio.
“We have had moments of sadness in London, but at the same time we also had moments of tremendous joy in Rio when Kosovo became also universally known with the Gold Medal victory. Driton Kuka has given an exceptional power to that victory”, said President Thaçi.

On the other hand, judo Coach Driton Kuka, said that it is the joint participation at the two Olympic Games in London and Rio, which has created an official report, but also an emotional one with President Thaçi.
“I and Majlinda were a bit broken emotionally, but precisely the presence of President Thaçi in the evening of that day when we competed in London, has been a motive, a warm evening, which has filled that part of emotional brokenness”, said Kuka.

But, according to Coach Kuka, in the best possible manner in Rio, Judo has brought the people of Kosovo the golden victory of Majlinda.
Coach Driton Kuka, who at the meeting with President Thaçi was also accompanied by world champion Majlinda Kelmendi, has promised to commit himself to providing other results, new champions, thus making our country even more powerful in the sports discipline of Judo.

President Thaçi informed them that he will request from the Government of Kosovo to provide Coach Driton Kuka, champion Majlinda Kelmendi and the President of the Judo Federation diplomatic passports.

“These are the best ambassadors representing Kosovo in the whole world and whom the whole world recognizes, and accepts. Therefore, I will address the government to accelerate the procedures for them to have their diplomatic passports. It is not a privilege, but it is something that they deserve and honor us as a state”, said President Thaçi.