President Thaçi awarded the Medal “Hero of Kosovo” to Emrush Haziri

Prishtina, October 05 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has granted the award “Hero of Kosovo”, after death, to Emrush Et’hem Haziri for sacrifice and bravery for the freedom and independence of Kosovo.

While submitting the award to the family members of Emrush Haziri, President Thaçi stated that “it is a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to grant this award for Uncle Emrush” and reminded that “we should not forget how difficult it has been to operate in the time when Emrush and the others have operated”.

President Thaçi added that the real power of Emrush has been his ability to bring everybody together.

“Regardless of the differences in the political opinions we had, uncle Emrush reminded us that we all have a purpose”.

By accepting the award, his wife, Taibe Haziri said that “we are proud of the commitment of Emrush”.