President Thaçi awarded martyr Kapllan Ahmetaj with the order “Hero of Kosovo”

Prishtina, September 27, 2017- The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, awarded today the martyr Kapllan Ahmetaj, with the order “Hero of Kosovo”, for the bravery and sacrifice to the freedom of Kosovo.

On this occasion, President Thaçi stressed that he will always remember his sacrifice for the liberation and independence of Kosovo.

On behalf of the family, the sister of the martyr, Kapllan Ahmetaj, Sala Ahmetaj thanked President Thaçi for this award.

She said that hero Kapllan Ahmetaj has gone to eternity where he will join the heroes of Kosovo who with their heroism exceeded the dimensions of time.

Kapllan Ahmetaj, born on 15.08.1953, martyred on 07.08.1998, whose reburial was made on 23.09.2017, in Radisheva, Drenica.