President Thaçi and the British Foreign Affairs Minister discuss the partnership between Kosovo and United Kingdom

Thursday November 10th 2016 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi held a bilateral meeting today with the Foreign Affairs Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. Boris Johnson.

President Thaçi highly praised the visit undertaken by the British Head-diplomat and the messages he conveyed in Kosovo and in the region.
“The region has no other destination but the EU. We have been encouraged to continue on the path of EU and NATO integrations. But we are threatened by the EU’s delay, which is as consequence creating space to others to expand their influence in the region” stated President Thaçi.
British Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Boris Johnson, expressed his support to the aspiration of the whole region for EU membership.
“We support the engagement for good neighbourly cooperation in the region”, said the UK Foreign Minister.
President Thaçi and Foreign Affairs Minister Johnson also discussed the building of strategic partnership and expansion of bilateral cooperation in all sectors between Kosovo and United Kingdom.