President Sejdiu’s Message on the 10th Anniversary of the Commencement of NATO Air Strikes for the Freedom of Kosovo

On the other hand, we thank the representatives of EULEX, which arrived, with our invitation, to assist us in strengthening further our capacities in the fields of rule of law and justice.

Honourable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo s,
Honourable KFOR Commanders and soldiers,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The day of today marks the 10th Anniversary of NATO air raid against Milosevic’s occupying forces, who were committing unremittingly terrible crimes upon Albanian civilians throughout Kosovo. March 24, 1999 was a strong signal to the freedom loving world that the atrocious Serb state regime in Kosovo had to be brought to an end by using the military means, for Belgrade was turning a blind eye to any political agreement.
The 78-day North Atlantic Alliance attacks on Serbian military, police and paramilitary targets saved the people of Kosovo from a premeditated annihilation, the scenario for which was written in cold blood by the Serbian highest state and academic instances. As such, these attacks constitute an incomparable act of humanity, because they drew on the sublime idea of protecting the lives of the people who were facing a constant danger of dying massively.
In the course of manifestations that they have staged to mark this important day of the modern history of Kosovo, our youth were right to refer to the 24th of March as “The Day of Hope”. Undoubtedly, this was the most natural sintagma, the most accurate attribution to use as a naming for this historic date, which symbolises the beginnings of the final return of the people of Kosovo to the bosom of the family of free nations.

Honourable citizens,
    Honourable KFOR commanders and soldiers,

On the anniversary, we reaffirm our everlasting gratitude to the United States of America, the European Union and all others countries of the democratic world, who stood by Kosovo during its darkest moments and who are still supporting our current efforts to obtaining international recognitions and to strengthen our democratic institutions
Special gratitude is well-earned by KFOR commanders and soldiers, who are doing an excellent job in keeping peace, security and stability in Kosovo. Over the past ten years, the KFOR members were a guarantor of Kosovo’s territorial integrity and an important factor of an overall recovery in our country. Apart from their professional day to day assignments in the field of security, they became active involved in many projects and activities with the aim of improving the lives of our citizens and offering them new prospects.
As we have mentioned before, the impression of the people of Kosovo about KFOR soldiers can be noticed in the smile that was given back to the children of Kosovo.
On the other hand, we thank the representatives of EULEX, which arrived, with our invitation, to assist us in strengthening further our capacities in the fields of rule of law and justice.
As was the case so far in its irreversible journey towards integration into Euro-Atlantic community, the Republic of Kosovo will engage, in full coordination with its friends, in accomplishing our mutual objectives and in providing for a comprehensive integration of all ethnic communities into social and institutional lives in Kosovo. Kosovo is a homeland to all its equal citizens.
Owing to NATO intervention, unreserved support of the international community and strong commitment of institutions and citizens of our country, the Republic of Kosovo has become a factor of peace and stability in the region. It engages earnestly in fostering a spirit of cooperation and neighbourliness with all the countries of the region and hopes for an appropriate understanding to this approach.
Kosovo is resolved to provide for a brighter future to all its citizens, by paying a special attention to youth employment, economic development and attraction of foreign investments in our country.
Last but not least, by congratulating all of You on this festive day, allow me convey my best wishes for You and Your families!
God Bless NATO!
God Bless the Republic of Kosovo and its friends!