President Sejdiu was received by the President of the Great National Parliament of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Köksal Toptan

Once again, on behalf of Kosovo’s institutions and people, President Sejdiu expressed his appreciation to Turkey for the overall support that it has provided to our country. He also expressed the will of Kosovo’s institutions to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in every field.

A special attention during the discussions was paid to the process of the recognition of the state of Kosovo and to Turkey’s contribution in this regard. President Sejdiu used the opportunity to distinguish the roles of Turkish ethnic community in Kosovo, which he maintained is an important part of an independent Kosovo, and the citizens of the Republic of Turkey with a Kosovan origin, who he held constitute an important approximating factor in terms of relations between the two states.
In this meeting as well, President Sejdiu received Mr. Toptan’s confirmation that the Turkish diplomacy will continue to promote the recognition of Kosovo by as many states as possible.
“The Republic of Kosovo is a democratic state that belongs to all its citizens, and the independence has brought a lot of peace and security to our region” – President Sejdiu said, adding that, despite various challenges that it is facing, our country is already an important factor to the stability in the region.
“Kosovo’s institutions and people are strongly committed to a speedy integration into the European Union and NATO” – President Sejdiu continued, reiterating that Kosovo had and continues to have an important ally in Turkey and that it aims to boost the mutual cooperation further.
On the second day of his stay in Turkey, President Sejdiu also had a meeting with the former  President of Turkey, Mr. Süleyman Demirel, whom he assured of the deepest acknowledgement of the people of Kosovo for his permanent support to Kosovo’s issue.