President Sejdiu received a university delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republic of Kosovo’s President, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, received today a university delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, chaired by Tuzla University Rector, Mr. Dzemo Tufekcic and Mostar University Rector, Ms. Suzana Bubic, who have signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Pristina on Thursday.

Wishing them welcome to the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. President Sejdiu told the guests from Bosnia that, regardless of practical obstacles that the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina has not recognised yet the independence of Kosovo might pose for them, they should engage in boosting the interuniversity cooperation with Kosovo, because he maintained that is something that the students of all communities living in our country may benefit from.
On the other hand, Tuzla University Rector, Prof. Dr. Dzemo Tufekcic, said that Bosnia universities are renewing the cooperation with the University of Pristina – which had been interrupted because of the war that broke out in the territories of the former Yugoslavia – in order to provide the students of both countries with new alternatives for development, all the more when the University of Tuzla is considered as an institution of European standards of knowledge.
The Mostar University Rector, Ms. Suzana Bubic, also said that the signing of the agreement with the UP represents an important step in the cooperation between the two countries, which will facilitate the exchange of experiences and staff between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. She said that students can benefit directly from this, because they will have the chance to study in each country’s respective departments which employ specialised staff.