President Sejdiu appoints the judges of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo

Today, the Republic of Kosovo’s President Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu has issued a decree on appointing the judges of Republic of Kosovo’s Constitutional Court.

President has issued the decree pursuant to Art. 84, item 19, of the Constitution of Republic of Kosovo; Art. 7 of the Law on Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo; upon the motion of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo filed on the 15th of May; and in coordination and full agreement with the International Civilian Office.

The following judges have been appointed as members of the Kosovo Constitutional Court: Enver Hasani, Iliriana Islami, Gjyljeta Mushkolaj, Kadri Kryeziu, Ivan Çukalloviq and Altay Suroy. 

The oath ceremony for all the judges of Republic of Kosovo’s Constitutional Court will be organised soon in coordination with judges and International Civilian Office.