President Sejdiu and Ambassador Dell visit Counting and Results Centre

The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, and the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Christofer Dell, visited today the CEC Counting and Results Centre.

During the visit, President Sejdiu reaffirmed his strong support to the CEC and other independent institutions that operate by upholding laws and regulations.

President Sejdiu said that Kosovo and its citizens have passed the test and have provided sufficient evidence of their maturity, which was shown in the organization of elections and their successful conduct. He said that citizens have shown their civic maturity by participating in elections, by rendering their final verdict and by their vote and their willingness to elect the municipal leaders in all the municipalities of our country.

”Kosovo did indeed pass a maturity test in organizing these elections, but it also showed its maturity as a state, at the times of arduous challenges that lay ahead. Kosovo citizens have passed the test by participating, by casting their votes and by expressing their will, which remains to be served by ensuring a proper final counting” – President Sejdiu.

Yet again, he also called for a respect of the will of the people of our country and its safeguarding by law.  “I am inclined to believe that all these bodies within the Central Election Commission and other mechanisms involved will function properly so as to ensure that the final verdict brought by the people and their will be served in accordance with the law and I believe this is how the process will evolve. It is up to you to renew your best efforts and to your teams to ensure that all issues that may arise during the process are dealt with properly and that each running political entity enjoys the right to ask for a review, so that we may all, in the end, achieve what we aspire” – Sejdiu said.