President Pacolli meets the COMKFOR Erhard Buhler

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli had a meeting today with COMKFOR General Erhard Buhler.

At his first meeting with President Pacolli, General Buhler congratulated him on his new assignment and reaffirmed his and KFOR’s commitment to a continued cooperation with the President and institutions of our country.

Having thanked him for the congratulation, President Behgjet Pacolli also expressed his readiness to cooperate and praised highly the contribution that the KFOR forces had and were still providing to the state and the people of Kosovo.

President Pacolli laid a special emphasis on the great contribution that the KFOR has provided in building capacities of Kosovo Security Force (KSF).

He also pointed out that the KFOR members had always been an example of discipline and professional engagement, and that the KFOR, besides its engagement in the security field, had also done a great job in the humanitarian domain, by helping the people of Kosovo.

“This is why” – President Pacolli added – “the KFOR members enjoy a great respect among the people of Kosovo.