President Pacolli meets Republic of Albania’s Ambassador to Kosovo, Islam Lauka

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli met today with Republic of Albania’s Ambassador to our country, Islam Lauka.

At a lengthy and friendly meeting, Ambassador Lauka congratulated President Pacolli on his new assignment and conveyed to him congratulations of the highest state leaders of the Republic of Albania.

Ambassador Lauka reaffirmed Albania’s readiness to assist Kosovo in developing democracy and in the Euro-Atlantic integration and the commitment of the country that he represents to maintain and expand excellent relations between the two countries on all fronts.

He also said Albania wanted Kosovo to become a strong and stable state and to contribute to relations between the two states and stability in the region in general.

Mr. Lauka considered the creation of new institutions of the Republic of Kosovo a great achievement, underscoring that a range of challenges lie head of these institutions.

President Behgjet Pacolli emphasized at the meeting that their common objective was to be as unified as possible in cooperating on all fronts and in their common journey to the large European family.

He also expressed his gratitude to Albania for the continued support that it had and was providing to the people and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

President Pacolli and Ambassador Lauka also discussed joint efforts to ensure the highest number of recognitions for the state of Kosovo, exchange of high-level bilateral visits, facilitation and intensification of economic cooperation and an array of issues of common interest to both countries.