President Jahjaga visits the MIA and is conferred upon acknowledgments and medals

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga visited today the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where she was received by Minister Bajram Rexhepi and the Kosovo Police Director General Reshat Maliqi.

At the ceremony staged on the occasion, President Atifete Jahjaga was honoured with acknowledgments and with the Medal of Service for all her contribution during her tenure in the Kosovo Police.

President Jahjaga said it was a good feeling for her to be among her colleagues with whom she had spent 11 years, while providing her unreserved contribution to building an institution i.e. the Kosovo Police, which she maintaining had developed into an unquestionable example of success now.

Referring to her speech held during her swearing-in ceremony, she reiterated that her carrier reflected the changes that Kosovo had gone through over the past decade.

“I have experienced all the challenges that have led to the independence of Kosovo. I feel proud that I have engaged in building one of the most respectable institutions in Kosovo” – she said.

Considering the work done by the Kosovo Police a success, President Jahjaga said: “…this is indicated by the growth and the professionalism of the Kosovo Police, by its countless successes, by the very good cooperation that it maintains with other institutions and, most importantly, by its excellent cooperation with the people of Kosovo”.

“Today, after I have been assigned a new task, and when I am up against a new challenge in my career, I can only thank you for the work that we have done and for the results and successes that we have achieved together. I assure you that you will enjoy my unreserved support as President in your mission at the service of the people of our country” – President Jahjaga declared.

On the other hand, Minister Bajram Rexhepi and Kosovo Police Director General Reshat Maliqi praised the work that Ms. Jahjaga had done with the Kosovo Police highly and expressed their belief that she would perform her new task excellently, in the best interest of the country and the people of Kosovo.