President Jahjaga received a delegation of the Veterans Association of the ANLW

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga received today a delegation of the Veterans Association of the Antifascist National Liberation War of Kosovo, consisting of Mrs. Vahide Hoxha and Mr. Vehap Shita. The delegation congratulated the President on her election as head of the country, and desired her success in her work.

President Jahjaga, while thanking the delegation, said that the Anti-Fascist National Liberation War in Kosovo listed its people in the resistance against fascism as support of the great alliance of people against the Axis of Nazism. The President said that history will assess this period of the history of Kosovo and the nation positively and as very beneficial.

She said she appreciates the fact that the veterans of the ANLW at the key moments in the history of the country are determined correctly and have given support to the Kosovo Liberation Army and the fair war for the liberation and construction of the state of Kosovo.