President Jahjaga received a delegation of the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences of the UP

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga received today a delegation of the Faculty of Mathematical Natural Sciences of the University of Prishtina, headed by Prof. Dr. Minir Efendija.

At the meeting she stressed that the investment in an equivalent education and internationally recognized, in accordance with the needs of the economy and society, pushes forward the culture of creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Special care should be added to the exact sciences, mathematics and technology. Within the constitutional powers, the exact sciences and especially physics and mathematics will have my support, they require our support in order they will return that support to us in the overall development of the country, said President Jahjaga.

She added that the promotion of good results, modernization, academic integrity, cooperation with different professional sectors within the country, competition and the internationalization will help the higher education in Kosovo to approach to European standards.

I highly appreciate work of our professors and the students and they will have my continued and unsparing support, said President Jahjaga.

The Dean of the FMNS, Prof. Dr. Minir Efendija, after thanking the President for the reception, said that this demonstrates her will to support education and science.

FMNS has 5000 students and represents the backbone of the UP. Our staff assists not only in Kosovo, but also in Macedonia, the Presheva Valley and Montenegro. Our staff is not only employed in education but also in banks, insurance agencies, etc. The scientific contribution of many of our professors is valued internationally and we need support to achieve our mission, said Dr. Efendija.