The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Ms. Atifete Jahjaga, received today a delegation of the European Parliament, headed by the President Eduard Kukan.

Mr. Kukan congratulated the President on her election as President of the country and informed her about the beginning of the fourth inter-parliamentary meeting between the EP and the Parliament of Kosovo.

He said the EP supports the EU enlargement process and the European perspective for all the Balkan countries and provides support to Kosovo on its path towards the EU.

Mr. Kukan said that Kosovo must deepen the reform process and particularly to work on amending the law on elections. He said that the EU pays special importance to the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

The members of the European Parliament delegation stressed that they have increased their efforts to accelerate the process of visa liberalization dialogue for Kosovo and assessed that the Kosovo institutions must do more on fulfilling its obligations to start the dialogue on visas.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, thanked the delegation of the European Parliament for the support it has provided and continues to give Kosovo.

The President said that her purpose is to push ahead the constitutional changes, especially those on the election of the president and amendment of the electoral law. She said she is committed to working with institutions and society in the field of law and order, and in particular on the fight against organized crime and corruption.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo said that it is necessary to consolidate the EU presence in Kosovo and demanded the removal of reference 1244 for Kosovo, which was put into use by the EU with purpose of formalizing relations between the EU and Kosovo.

President Jahjaga said that it is important that by the end of the year Kosovo enters into contractual relations with the EU since this would contribute to internal reforms.

She said that Kosovo should receive equal treatment from the EU like all other EU countries and considered the recognition the statehood of Kosovo by the EU countries which haven’t done so is necessary. She said that the Kosovo-EU partnership means that both sides should comply to their commitments.

The President said that Kosovo is committed to meeting its obligations in order to open the process of the dialogue on visa liberalization for the citizens of the country, passing this issue from political into the technical level.

She said that the dialogue with Serbia, should serve both parties to move forward and establish good neighborly relations.

President Jahjaga stressed that all solutions should be in compliance with the Acquis Communitaire and the European standards and practices.