President Behgjet Pacolli receives the Turkish Ambassador, Songul Ozan

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli received today at a meeting Republic of Turkey’s Ambassador to our country, Ms. Songul Ozan, who congratulated him on his new assignment and handed over to him the letter of congratulation that the President of Turkey Abdullah Gul had sent to him.

 Having emphasised that Kosovo and Turkey were two friend countries that maintained very good relations with each other, President Pacolli thanked Ambassador Ozan for her engagement and the precious contribution that Turkey has always provided to our country.

“The great contribution that Turkey has provided during the Kosovo state-building period was of a special importance”, President Pacolli said.

He also reminded that Turkey was one of the first states to have recognised the Republic of Kosovo and that it had contributed and was still contribute to ensuring new recognitions for our country.

President Pacolli pointed out that Kosovo should learn from Turkey’s experience as much as possible and laid a special emphasis on economic cooperation between the two countries, a cooperation which he said should be intensified, by providing greater opportunities to Turkish investors to invest in Kosovo.

“We will open the open the door wider for Turkish businesses. We are a small country, a country in transition that needs advice and logistical support, and Turkey has a long tradition in state-building”, President Pacolli underlined.

On her part, having recalled strong ties and very good cooperation between Turkey and Kosovo, Ambassador Ozan said these ties and cooperation would be maintained and deepened further and would represent important factors of development and stability in the region.

“We support Kosovo’s independence and territorial integrity and its objective to become integrated into the Euro-Atlantic community”, Ambassador Ozan said.

Speaking of the support that Turkey was providing to Kosovo, Ambassador Ozan said the support involved all the fields, starting with the presence of Turkish soldiers in Kosovo, up to the presence of Turkish police within the international mission here and many other fields.

“Institutions of Turkey are ready to offer all their experience for the development of the Republic of Kosovo”, Ambassador Ozan said.

Reminding that powerful Turkish enterprises were present in Kosovo, like in the construction of Vërmicë-Merdar highway, Pristina Airport, and so on, Ambassador Ozan underlined that businessmen from her country were very interested to invest in Kosovo.