President Behgjet Pacolli concluded many official activities in Albania

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli has carried out an array of activities and meetings on the second and last day of his visit to the Republic of Albania.

Following the acceptance of the Doctor Honoris Cause title at the European University of Tirana, President Pacolli participated in the Kosovo-Albania Business Forum, which was also attended by a large number of business representatives from both countries, who discussed a range of issues related to opportunities for cooperation between the two countries.

“Businessmen speak little and act a lot. Their actions have a direct impact on people’s lives. Therefore, being a businessman, a man of action, is a very important thing. Politics would be meaningless short of economic growth and social welfare. Politics has a sense only when it produces social welfare. Whoever things that he is doing well, but has forgotten peoples’ problems and people’ welfare is wrong. Politics and business should never be divided. Politics should perhaps often make itself available to the business. Only then can we consider that we are on the right track.” – President Pacolli said, inter alia, in his address to business representatives.

In the course of his visit, President Pacolli met with the heir to the royal throne Leka Zogu, with whom he discussed, at a friendly meeting, a range of issues of interest to both countries.

Thereafter, President Pacolli visited the World Headquarters of the Bektashi Order. Hosted warmly by the leaders of the World Headquarters of the Bektashi Order and by many other citizens, he congratulated them on the feast of Sultan Nevruz, wishing them good health, luck and all the best.

President Pacolli also visited the town of Krujë, where he was received by the Prefect of District of Durres that covers Kruja Mr. Genc Alizoti and by the Mayor of Krujë Mr. Lulzim Guni.

During the visit visited, President Pacolli and delegation accompanying him also visited the National Historic Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and Town’s Old Bazaar.

The last destination in President Pacolli’s visit to Albania was the town of Lezhë, which had conferred the title of honorary citizen upon him some months earlier. A reception for him was also staged by the Prefect of Lezha, Mr. Pal Dajçi and the Mayor of Lezhë, Mr. Viktor Tushaj and many town dwellers.

On the occasion, President Pacoll placed flower wreaths and paid homage in front of Skënderbeu’s grave.