Pacolli: Albanians in Macedonia must be unified

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli met today with representatives of Albanian political parties in Macedonia, namely with the leader of the BDI Ali Ahmeti, the leader of the Socialist Democratic Party and the leader of the New Democracy Ymer Selmani.

Implementation of Ohrid Agreement, political developments in Macedonia and opportunities for cooperation between Macedonia and Kosovo were some of the topics discussed between President Pacollli and the BDI leader Ali Ahmeti.

“I updated President Pacolli on implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, delays in its implementation and political developments in Macedonia” – Mr. Ahmeti said after the meeting.

“We agreed to maintain our cooperation. I told him about the PDSH stances concerning the developments in Macedonia. I told him that the crisis is being recycled” – said, on the other hand, the leader of the PDSH Menduh Thaçi.

On the other hand, the DR leader Imer Selmani informed President Pacolli about the current political situation in Macedonia, mentioning that the political standstill has caused a feeling of lack of prospects among the people of the country. Selmani said that the country was facing a political crisis and that, if one added aggravated interethnic and interreligious relations, weak economy and lack of investments and blocked process of Macedonia’s integration into Europe to it, one would see that the only way out of the stalemate that the country was facing were early parliamentary elections, which he said should be fair and democratic and produce new progressive forces that would bring the country back on the right track – back to a full equality between Albanians and Macedonians and towards Macedonia’s integration into the NATO and EU”.

President Pacolli gave the following statement after all the meetings: “We discussed political situation in Macedonia and Kosovo and cooperation opportunities. I am always in favour of economic cooperation, provision of new opportunities for an economic growth and actions that contribute directly to improving the quality of the lives of our people” – he said.

“I am against any obstacle that may obstruct the free movement of the people, goods and ideas. We are living in the 21st century and these barriers are meaningless to me” – he added.

Speaking of Albanians in Macedonia, he said the position of Albanians in Macedonia was in their own hands. He said that political parties should be cautious and that they bore a high responsibility. “I call for unity. There may differences and different programs that are offered to the citizens, but Albanians in Macedonia should be unified when the major cause is at issue” – President Pacolli said.